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star_review"After installing Wallscraper my phone screen broke and my digitizer took a Greyhound to Clevelend. Thanks for nothing Wallscraper"

star_review"My dual function three wolves shirt quickly became a single function shirt the moment I played Wallscraper"

star_reviewWorthless: "I had to officially change me name to Worthless after installing this app, because that's what this app is!"

star_reviewDeath by Wallscraper: "Wallscraper is so painful that if Cecil the lion hadn't been killed by a dentist this game would have assuredly gotten him"

star_reviewFaulty: "Wallscraper doesn't even scrap your walls for you. Highly misleading if you ask me also stole my girlfriend and is just downright mean"

star_reviewEmma P - to graphic: "im just a child and this was repulsive r u kidding to much gore for me"

star_reviewChris F: "Just looking at this game makes me feel like my eye balls got cancer and hepatitis, what were the developers thinking?"

star_reviewJermey P: "This game set off 34 of my 47 triggers, and now I have to add low resolution falling to the list. Thanks for my 48th trigger I guess..."

star_reviewRachel P - Vomit: "Wallscraper gave my kids the pukes. Beware."

star_reviewRobert P: "Fair tool - poor product stickering I purchased the 4" scraper on October 7th. It came with a sticker on it that I had to remove. I used another scraper with running hot water to try to remove it. I also used olive oil to try to loosen the sticker. Even after I finally scrapped off the sticker, the glue residue was still a problem. I then used a kitchen coarse scour pad with detergent and plenty of elbow grease and it still more or less spread the glue residual across the surface of the scraper. The glue finally came off using Comet cleanser. Now the scraper dried and it has rust pittings on the surface. I am sorry to write that"

star_reviewAustin B - Must be paid to play it: "So bad I'm sending the developers an invoice for my wasted time"

star_reviewJoshua R - Lost: "Playing this game but what are you supposed to do? Or what is the point?"

star_reviewOrganDoner: "Don't play this game it's bad luck. Immediately after installing it I got robbed in my own home. On his way out of the house the robber tripped on my phone charger which was plugged into the same surge protector as my drill battery that was charging and yanked them both to the ground were the impact caused the battery to explode. Don't worry I was able to drag the robber out but couldn't call 911 because wallscaper wouldn't close! The house is gone, and the robber snuck away in the commotion when fire crews arrived and all I have to show for it is this crappy game!"

star_reviewNathan C - A game of classic addiction: "Played temple run? You will probably enjoy this"

star_reviewCindy C - Not powerful enough: "I expected more scraping power. Two walls just don't cut it"

star_reviewJessica L - DO NOT SCRAPE THESE WALLS!: "Soon after I scraped these walls, I went completely insane! I literally stabbed my eyes with a fork trying to get the insane out but I just couldn't! Had I painted the walls, or washed them, or even punched them, I for sure wouldn't have gone insane. ..but since I'm now in crazy town, sure wish someone would me. .."

star_reviewRobert J: "After 30 years you would think graphics would improve at least a bit"

star_reviewAlex S: "I used to scrape all the walls when I was a wee lad. But after scraping at least 9000 walls (or more) my vision went blurry and I can only see in 8 bit now (ow my eyes). Plus I'm fairly certain this app is just a way for crime lords to have their walls scraped for free. Don't download (unless you want to, why are you listening to the opinions of people on the internet anyway?)"

star_reviewMark P: "Ever pass a kidney stone? Now imagine the kidney stone is passing you. Yah...that painful"

star_reviewJay P: "I played Wallscraper for the first time and 7 hours later someone kicked my shin. 'Oh my shiiin!'. It bruised my bone, true story. #wallscraperCurse"

star_reviewQuin J - Soul scraper: "I tried to scrape my wall with this product, but it was actually more of a shaving, chafing sensation"

star_reviewChris P: "Good news, bad news. Good news is this game is a great way to kill time. Bad news is this game will most likely start world war 3"

star_reviewQuin J - Soul scraper: "I tried to scrape my wall with this product, but it was actually more of a shaving, chafing sensation"

star_reviewLazerMazer: "If all you like to do is watch ads this is the game for you! No point, no instructions, just tap, immediately die then watch another ad. Rinse & repeat. I didn't even see a wall worth scraping!"

star_reviewWill P - Bad Voodoo - User Beware: I don't know how they are doing this, but I have tried to play this game dozens of times in the past couple days and every time I open the app my mother-in-law shows up at my front door. In contacting their support they assured me that this was a "feature". Thanks Wallscraper..."

star_reviewRobert R: "Downloaded it now my Comcast don't work anymore. Wtf its tru"

star_reviewRoben R - Wallscraper "I think I am playing it wrong he keeps falling to his death"

star_reviewDanube drive: "Once upon a time I installed wallscraper and died. Worst. App. Ever. The end"


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